Is being cynical cool?

Few days back, I checked the orkut profile of an acquintance. She’s a lady in her early 20’s. Her “about me” section read:

“i hate life.. i hate most ppl in my life.. i hate the way things gen turn out.. i hate the mess food. i hate the mess in my room.. i hate the stpid internals.. i hate ht ecompulsary attendance.. i hate the hostel intime.. i hate the *** canteen.. i hate the hostel cyber.. i hate geogwarts.. i hate u.. i hate me.. i hate myslef for hating so much.”

She might have written all this just like that. But there comes a question, which is based on an observation of mine. Is being cynical getting cooler and cooler day by day?

I am not trying to act as a grandfather but there are certain things that are irking me for a while. People getting cynical about “system”, about families, about love, about academics, about jobs and about life itself! It is considered to be more of a happening thing!

The youth thinking has always been identified with the rebel spirits, but being rebels and being cynicals are at two things poles apart. In the former, you want to change the present situation while in the latter, you just stop believing in it. While former leads to activism, latter leads to total inactivity and isolation from the society! Then what makes being cynical cool?

My chemistry teaher used to say, ” Less knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge.” This newly attained cynicism seems to be a by product of the same state of semi-ignorence. The people, especialy the young ones, do get half of the message. They learn to bash the system but do forget that they are not outsiders to it. 

We need to define system here. System is not something divine being gifted by the Almighty. It is the people. People make system the way it is. They are not outside observers but the system itself. So when one blames the system he/she is actually blaming himself/herself.

People get half of the message that to improve something you need to dislike it but they ignore the more time and labour consuming part of the job, that is to work out a method to remove the old and redundent system and bring in the new one. It is the very thing that happened post Rang De Basanti. Everybody got the first half that alcohol is cool, hating system is awesome. Second part which gave a message of change (though very superficial) was totally ignored by one and all!

But, this post is not to preach. It’s to ask people, what makes them cynical. I am cynical about a few things but extending it over my whole life is not something I can dream of! So, please help me out getting an insight of this newewst “in” thing.  


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