On the eve of Valentine’s Day!

Here comes one more V Day and contrary to popular belief, I am single. But I can use this chance to narrate a story. This story was the one that established me as a shoor veer in IITK.

For people unfamilier with IITK, girls are as rare as a good length ball from Agarkar or an original tune from Preetam. Some people retire from the place without even talking to a single girl in their four year long stay! So, all the boys know all the girls around though the vice versa is generally not true!

Well, coming back to that day. I was in my 7th semester and had mid semester exam next morning. So I was trying to study in the great PK Kelkar Library in the coveted company of Yadav Ji(Shwetabh Yadav), Hingway (Anand Raveendra) and a friend of Hingway whom I didn’t even know! Well now I know him and he’s called Prasad Chapekar. We all were trying to study as it is very difficult to actually study when you’re Hingway’s company!


Then, She came! “She” was a chic studying in our own beloved department and was 2 years junior to me and was reasonably sexy. As she walked in, as frequently observed in IITK, the whole library rose over the tension of the mid sems and starting appreciating that beautiful creature of the Almighty! Our group always believed in leading from the front. So we forgot the nuances of Civil Engineering and started declaring (to ourselves only) how much we loved her.

As I have got my Ph.D. into proposing the girls, I came out with the best and most striking statemen, “Yehi wo pyaar hai jiski talaash mein main sadiyon se bhatak raha tha” (She’s the one in whose search I was wandering for ages). Hingway got carried away by this statement and asked me to go and propose her. I was shaky and refused outrightly! But then, there started a bullying session with everyone pestering me again and again. They all made me feel that if I couldn’t do that my survival on this planet was of no use. They made me believe that it was the only job I was born to do. This would have served humanity better than any of the anti global warming derives!

Being a social animal I succumbed to the demands of humanity and reached to the girl. Now there are two versions, one that I told to Hingway and group and the other that I really did.


Version One:

I approached her.

Me: Excuse me X (I don’t want to reveal her name, but then if you belong to IITK, you know it), I think I am in love with you!”

She (puzzled) : What?

Me: I said I am in love with you!

She (Confused): Aap aisa kyun keh rahe ho? (Why are you saying so?) 

Me: This is something I feel and I am just expressing that!

She: ????

Me: You can say yes, you can say no or you can choose not to give an answer!

She: ????

Me: Do you need more time?

She (relieved): Yes, I need!

Me: Okay! Go ahead, take your time… Bbye!

Version Two:

Me: Hey! Could you please do me a favour?

She: Yes.

Me: You just need to give a surprised look. Theoritically I am proposing you here and you are refusing that. If you want to accept then tell me otherwise just give a shocked and surprised look!

She: Aap aisa kyun kar rahe ho?

Me: Yaar, It’s a bet!

She (giving a surprised look): Is it okay?

Me: Yep! Thanks.

After doing this act of bravery I walked to my seat where I was given a standing ovation by the crowd. Some other people, led by Rakshit, also got to know the whole story and I was hugged, kissed and made the hero! But then, they never got to know the real story!

On the eve of my 22nd Valentine’s Day, I want to assure that girl that she is the only one I have been looking ……..


4 Responses to “On the eve of Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Rakshit Says:

    Hi this is Rakshit, The same guy mentioned at the end of the Article. Well I knew it beforehand that this guy never had the guts to do something as daring as that. And it is good to see him finally accepting the Truth [:P]

  2. Sudhanshu Says:


    >> 2 years junior
    >> In your department
    >> Sexy

    Do we know who you are talking about?!

  3. atuljain Says:

    @ Rakshit: Grrrrrr!!!!!

    @ Sudhanshu: No, you don’t. We had too many sexy chicks in that batch. You don’t need to feel insecured! 😛

  4. Vikash shahwal Says:

    Yaar aapne mujhe bhi story ka pehla vrsion hi bataya tha[:(] jabki aap ke paas poore ek saal ka waqt tha apni galti sudharne ka ( feb 2006 se samkalp june 2007) …. neways u finally got the one u were looking for all ur life or ages for that matter 😛 , Khushi hui jaan ke… Now stop falling in love in all the corners of DELHI :D.

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