Thought of the day!

Lord only gives a person the burden he is strong enough to handle. Burdens must fall somewhere in the world and if they fall on you it is not just a test but a symbol that the life knows you have the strength to endure them.

Religion could be both the cause and the solution to the problem.

Both of them taken from “Parzaania“, the movie I saw yesterday. Watch it and I bet you would end up praying for Parzaan. I never knew Sarika was such a good actress. And special mention to Pearl Baratwala, the little girl who played the character of Dilshaad. She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me pray, she made me think… She made me live the movie!


2 Responses to “Thought of the day!”

  1. wisemoron Says:

    The first statement sirji…thanks for putting it up here. Suna maine [:)]
    Ab jaldi se Meander ke liye bhi kuchh likh dijiye na [:P]

  2. kanha Says:

    don’t know about direction, about screenplay……….
    but story was such a damn stupid propaganda. after seeing such movies sometime i start to think that narendra modi is right. after gujraat riots muslims and such propagandist will atleast learn a lesson ……….
    and it was the first time when in any riot muslims were killed in majority. a good start to reverse the trend
    anyway hinsa in any form is not right …. but God knows what India needs most

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