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Thought of the day!

April 12, 2007

Lord only gives a person the burden he is strong enough to handle. Burdens must fall somewhere in the world and if they fall on you it is not just a test but a symbol that the life knows you have the strength to endure them.

Religion could be both the cause and the solution to the problem.

Both of them taken from “Parzaania“, the movie I saw yesterday. Watch it and I bet you would end up praying for Parzaan. I never knew Sarika was such a good actress. And special mention to Pearl Baratwala, the little girl who played the character of Dilshaad. She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me pray, she made me think… She made me live the movie!


An Ode to Haryana!

April 6, 2007

Let me have the privilege to dedicate my first post on this blog to a “Hrariyanavi Chhori“. I have been a big time fan of one called Himani Kapoor who topped among the girls in the Zee’s famous Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. She ruled my desktop and my heart for more than a month and that’s very unusual!

But this time the lady is not any star. She was a seedhi- saadi first year ki chhori ( simple first yearite female) who by her shear bad luck, found me in a mood to have some informal introduction. Though, in fourth year it doesn’t give much pleasure talking to any junior as people don’t anymore give the seniors their due respect . But still who can skip the temptation of talking to talk to a good looking female who is supposed to follow all your orders.

That young lady, in the course of talks, asked one of my fellow mates, “How well do you know Haryana?” She was rebuked and ragged by him for asking a question to a senior (which is the worst crime here and what makes it worse is the fact is the poor senior doesn’t happen to know the answer). But such questions motivate me to test and expand my knowledge span a lot. The first thing I did after coming to my room was to get hold of an yearbook and read a whole chapter about Haryana. Then, knowing how amazing my memory is, the idea of starting this blog, dedicated to whatever I read, flashed into my mind. It might be an extremely boring blog for you, but if you are seeking some good coherent information about certain things and places, this is the place you must have been looking for. (Okay, it’s not the place right now, but I’ll make it one in a few weeks, that’s a promise!)

So, here comes my first educative post describing the seventeenth state of Indian republic Haryana.

A big thanks to that young lady for breaking my slumber and making me do something interesting after a real long time!